Divorce - Otherwise known as Legal Slavery of Men

Monday, September 04, 2006

Analyzing the hidden costs of divorce.

Attempts to put a number on the cost associated with living separately. Eye opening.

Texas Q&A Divorce questions.

Not in a very good mood today. Suppose it's because another holiday is going by that in years past would have been a 'family' day. Yuk.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Divorce rate higher when women make more money?

Interesting editorial opinion on the positions on men and women in todays society on nymedia.net

A bit of a warped opinion I think, here's my response.


Your argument assumes that women feel diminished by their role as homemaker when they are divorced.

I don't belive that is true in most cases. I know many women who are happy and fullfilled in this role.

I am sure there are also men who thrive in that position are happy in a lesser financial role. But unfortunately, we were brought up, and I believe have a genetic preposition to be the bread-winner. Facts are facts, we have it.

Lani Bartman

I can't just sit back and do nothing.

The first thing a man reading this blog should know - if he hasn't already learned this little piece of logic by himself - NEVER GET MARRIED!

This is a stupid mistake that I have made twice. The second time is the cincher for me and one thing I can guarantee is that I will never do it again.

I am a Senior Programmer/Analyst for a NYC based publishing company, and I feel I make a fairly god living at it - That is I DID make a fairly good living at it. We have three children, one hers, one ours, one mine - but I consider them all equally mine. But of course, in the Divorce laws, only one child is considered - ours. I have no problem supporting my child, In fact I WANT to help support my child. But what about the other two? Have my responsibilities for them somehow vaporized instantly when the divorce motion was filed? No - Of course not. I'm trying to help one through college, and another while she's incarcerated. Are these expenses taken into account in Divorce proceedings? No - as far as the courts are concerned they don't exist.

We had an Alimony hearing yesterday (9/1/06). In Pennsylvania Alimony is calculated solely on income vs income. Do I make much more money than my spouse? Yes. But is that the whole picture? No.

When you factor in marital debts (which I am responsible for, Lord knows she's never paid a bill on time in her life), My medical expenses,child support and normal living costs I have been living with a negative cash flow situation for over a year now. After the Alimony hearing, I just lost the money for my medical expense, which may put me in a very bad situation. The Hearing master actually told me that paying Alimony was more important than my life!

So - I can sit back and mope, or I can try to do something about it. Normally I would mope. Not this time. I'm pissed.